Our Facilities

We are proud to be a full service funeral home, offering all funeral services from traditional to cremation and burial.  Our spacious chapel, or gathering room, seats approximately 150 people and is fully wheelchair accessible.  A warm atmosphere welcomes all faiths, cultures and humanistic services.  Complete with a sound system, our gathering room has  capabilities to share the service in the event of an overflow of guests.  Recently, new technology has been introduced.  Livestreaming capabilities to share your unique and personal service with those near and far, has been installed.  This features Forget-Me-Not Ceremonies, a new and modern way of bringing your ceremony to those who cannot be present in person, but are ever so present in a virtual world. 

A celebration of a life is a personal experience.  For those who are responsible for making difficult choices and decisions of how to remember a loved one, friend, or colleague, a structured funeral service may not be how you wish to memorialize, remember and pay tribute to the life that has been lived.  We offer a large non-denominational and welcoming visitation room for you to say goodbye in the way you choose.  This environment also allows for traditional visitation or viewing.  A private and quiet environment can also be arranged for a small and intimate group, or for witnessing your loved one, one last time prior to cremation.  This room is versatile to serve the needs of each unique family we serve.