Kymiah London

Obituary of Kymiah London

My Precious Baby Girl

What a gift you have been. From the very first day they brought you and put you in my arms I knew that we had something special. I have learned so much from you; how to love more deeply, and how to open up to the people around. You lit up a room just by your presence.

Remember after you were a few months old we went to see the neurologist? He saw you laugh out loud and was astonished! From there we began to put resources in place to help you become the very best you could be. We sent you off to Wee Care where you began to show us all the things you could do. You loved your teachers and the other children. You tolerated the physio, not really understanding how important that would be for you. But, best of all, Anna introduced you to music. We watched in amazement as you began to respond more and more to the sound of her voice and the guitar. I knew that we had found the one thing that you really loved and could participate in.

       Your next adventure was big girl school. Girlie! You have no idea how terrified I was to take you from the safe spot you knew and launch you into the unknown world of elementary school. Your first day at William King Elementary School.....I was a mess. But you took it all in stride. As the days and years passed you added to your rapidly growing circle of friends; other kids your age, your teachers and EPA's. And you developed new skills. I remember the day they told me you deliberately turned your head to activate a switch to turn your music on! I was so excited! You were experiencing things that delighted you and you would belly laugh out loud.

     How you loved your sensory room..a wish from Children's Wish Foundation .....London Bridge. Many hours you spent in that room with your buddies. 

You were a trooper girlfriend. Trips to the hospital, sickness that we thought you would not recover from. For 12 years you beat them all. But, we saw you getting tired and this last one was just too much for you to beat. You went to sleep and quietly slipped into heaven.

     You leave behind a world of people who love you so much. So many families; Daniel, Ben, Catherine, and Micah; along with so many other foster brothers and sisters. Your extended family; Grandparents Ralph and Peggy London, and too many Aunts, Uncles, and cousins to count. Your school family; Teachers, EPA's who did so much for you, and all your friends. Your Church family at Gospel Light Baptist Church. And the friend who will likely miss you the most - your music buddy McKayla. You have no idea how many people you touched with your sweet smile.

     Then there was your medical team. I am so thankful for their care for you. Dr Chobatuck, Dr. Logan, Dr Brna and Dr Colwell and Dr Cherry.The nurses and support staff on PMU. There were so many! You left a little bit of you with everyone of them.

      Well Precious one. It is time to say goodbye to this earthly body that held you captive for so long. Rest safely in God's Hands until we see you again.

All the love in the world




6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Thursday, February 27, 2020
J. Albert Walker Funeral Home (2005) Ltd
149 Herring Cove Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Celebration of Life

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Friday, February 28, 2020
Gospel Light Baptist Church
1266 Old Sambro Road
Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia, Canada
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